tage andersen "enthusiasm" book

I have been photographing the work of Tage Andersen - one of the foremost flower artists in Europe - for more than a decade. In those years we have produced six books;

Tage Andersen I - (1994)
Tage Andersen II - (1998)
"From Advent to Twelfth Night" - (2000)
"Bouquets in a fruitful period" - (2002)
"Joy and Frenzy" - (2004)
"Enthusiasm" - (2009)


Our latest work, Tage Andersen "Enthusiasm", is a very exclusive book, documenting 10 years of Tage Andersens extravagant floral and sculptural creations.

The book is 35x28 cm, and consists of 312 pages, with more than 200 photographs. Masterly printed and bound. Available in a limited edition of 2000.

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